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Why I Started Blogging, And Why Should You?

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So I did a poll on Twitter a few days ago about what kind of post people wanted to see. This post got the majority of the vote, so here it is.

I started a blog on Tuesday 7th August 2012 in a rainy caravan in the middle of Anglesey. At the time I had absolutely no idea why or what I was going to blog about. What I was going to write, how often and how BIG the social media world was for bloggers. I am still overwhelmed with how many bloggers there are that I speak to, know of and don't know of for that matter. Twitter is amazing and I absolutely love the blogging community, I have met so many wonderful people. 

Back then I wanted to blog to share my creativity, post photos of my outfits and just generally chit chat away and share my life with whoever wanted to read. It was kind of like a hobby in a way, a place where I could shut the real world out and just be myself completely. I didn't feel any pressure to be a certain way or to look a certain way, I could just be Francesca. 

I didn't blog for followers or subscribers or anything like that, I just did it because I loved it and loved the massive community behind it. I finally had something in my life that was different to the people around me. I didn't keep it a secret, I was quite proud of my little space on the net. I told my family and friends but no one really got why I did it, and didn't see it as anything special. Which is why I loved being in my own little world, or our little blogging world.

My blog started out as The Mummy Diaries, because thats what I was, a mummy. I didn't see my self as anything more or anything less. I was just a young mum writing a post on a little website that nobody would ever read. I changed it to The Francesca Diaries because I didn't want to be thought of as a parent or mummy blogger because thats not what I was. I wanted to post about everything and anything. I wanted to be seen as more than just a mum, (not that being a mum isn't the most amazing job ever) its just that blogging made me see that I can and am much more than just that. 

I haven't been the most consistent of bloggers, I don't know if I ever will be. I post whenever I want and whatever I want if I'm honest. I have taken breaks and took a step back from blogging, whenever life got in the way or it all got too much. But all in all I have always found myself sitting at my computer typing away, loving my blog just as much as I did at the start. I honestly don't know how long I will continue to write or blog, but I know that I am young and right now I still love being a part of this community. 

So why should you start a blog?

You might find yourself sat here reading this because you googled 'Why should I start a blog?' Or something along those lines. You might already be a blogger and just be interested in what I have to say (who would of thought it?). Either way you should start a blog only if you want to, if you feel the passion for it. Your passion and love for blogging are what drives you to continue posting week after week, month after month. 

In August I have been blogging for 4 years, 4 years! As I said not consistently, but that is a huge thing for me. That I have managed to keep this thing going for that long, and still love it so much is massive for me. You should start a blog if you want to feel part of a community, if you feel like a nobody, if you love beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, food or whatever it is. Just start. Just write and the rest will come naturally. Blog for you, not for anyone else. This is so important. If you have a passion for something, anything at all and you love writing. Then I fully recommend starting a blog, and realising the amazing potential that you have inside of you. Dream big, and go for it. 

Thanks for reading!
Why did you start blogging?

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  1. i've been blogging for 4 years (on and off) too! i definitely agree that you should blog because you love it, and that's why i started :)

    xo Sarah


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