Monday, 25 April 2016

Affordable Skincare

Nivea Q10 Plus Anti - Wrinkle Skincare
Being only 26 Anti Wrinkle cream has always been something that terrified me. In a way I suppose I was using it not really worrying about wrinkles as such. I have been using an Anti Wrinkle cream now and again as I edged into my twenties. I have always been a massive Nivea fan, and when I saw these in my local Tesco for £5 each I snapped them up. Not particularly because they are Anti-Wrinkle but just because I love Nivea products, and have always found them to be very good for my skin. 

I picked up the Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Energy Serum first as I have been on the hunt for a good serum anyway. I haven't always used a serum if I'm honest as I never saw the point. But recently I've been wanting to treat my skin and look after it better, so this is a lovely daily treat for me.

Together with the serum I picked up the Nivea Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Energising Day Cream and the Nivea Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Night Cream. I have been using these day and night, after my usual skincare morning routine. I have definitely noticed a bit of a difference in my skin, its a lot softer and smoother too. I definitely feel like I look more away too when I use the energising serum. 

Nivea Q10 Plus Anti - Wrinkle Skincare

Nivea never fail to disappoint me in any way, I have used so many of their products and always come away happier and softer too. I would recommend these to anyone looking to brighten their skin, feel softer and also clearer. They have the added benefit of Anti Wrinkle too, even if you aren't too worried about wrinkles just yet. My wrinkles have started to sneak up onto me as I head into my 30's, so I can moisturise with these knowing I am looking after them and my skin.

Nivea Q10 Plus Anti - Wrinkle Skincare

What are your skincare must haves?
Are you using Anti-Wrinkle?
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  1. I don't tend to use a specific anti-wrinkle cream or treatment - but have a few moisturisers I swear by. At the moment the Elemis Re-Hydrate range is my favourite, it's so refreshing and smells amazing.

    Emma |

  2. I'm honestly not a massive fan of nivea but maybe I should give these a try!

    1. I can't fault Nivea :) depends what works for your skin I suppose xx

  3. Hey!! I've tried Nivea in the past and still have their Q10 Night cream actually!! I love them b/c they're affordable, easy to use, effective and good for your skin!!! What could be better!! So pleased you've found these to be good for your skin!! I haven't come across the serum before so that was a nice surprise!
    Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!


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