Thursday, 11 June 2015

Montly Blogger Love - June

So welcome to the month of June! I have some lovely bloggers for this month, you can view them on my monthly advertisers page. Or you can keep on reading and find out about them below!

First is the lovely Anita from allthingsanita - she is a lovely blogger from the north west of England. She blogs about mainly beauty and skincare related posts, but she also does lifestyle posts too! The first thing I noticed about Anita's blog was her gorgeous layout! I am in love with it, its so unique and different that I find it a pleasure to read. Definitely go and give her a follow, she deserves it!

Next up is the lovely Belle from Mascara and Malteasers, one of my all time favourite bloggers I am honoured to have her featured on my blog! She is a lovely girl that blogs about beauty, reviews and much much more. She has a lovely blog and she is definitely worth a follow!

Next is the gorgeous Gemma from Touche of Belle. She has a lovely blog and she writes about such varied amount of topics, such as beauty, fashion and also lifestlye posts too. She is so lovely and definitely worth checking out!

Next is Beth from Beth Blogs Beauty, she blogs about beauty, skincare and gives her honest opinion on so many wonderful beauty products that we are all dying to use. She has given me plenty of ideas when it comes to skincare and I love reading her blog to find out whats best for my skin, and what to try next! Defo worth a follow.

Next up is the lovely Laura from ElleDeesBeauty, she has a lovely blog with so many different types of posts that will keep you entertained for hours! She has such a lovely way of writing that just makes you want to read more. She blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle and is definitely worth following!

Mel from JustMelkate is a lovely blogger, I have met her at events once or twice and she is lovely. Being a fellow christian like me I love reading her blog, she blogs about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and many other things. Definitely go and check her out!

Next is the lovely Nia from Style of Colours, she has a gorgeous blog full of colour and beautiful pictures that is definitely worth a read. She blogs about beauty, fashion and many other things. Definitely worth checking out.

And last but certainly not least is the lovely Rachel from Rachelspick, she is over on wordpress too like me and I love her blog. It is so well set out and her layout and pictures are lovely. She blogs about a mixture of things and is definitely worth checking out if you haven't already!

That's all folks, go and check them out!

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