Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How to Get Blog Organised

Organisation is not one of my strong points most of the time. I have recently been trying to get on top of my blog and general life organisation recently. I picked up a few bits just from my local supermarket, that I have been using to organise myself. Here I'm going to go over some tips that I have been using lately in order to keep my blog, and life up to date and in order!

I bought this gorgeous little Weekly Planner from Tesco this weekend, and I absolutely love it. I also picked up some post it strips and a small square pad too. These have come in really handy as you can see below. The bright colours really stand out and help me to remember important things I need to do. I use these monthly, filling out post ideas and also when I want to take pictures too. This helps me to keep on top of things and also remember what I need to do and when.

Weekly Planner

It also comes with this cute list section near the top, you can write down any ideas or just lists of things you want to do. Pictures you need to take or whatever you please. I find stuff like this really handy and useful, you can get these from just about anywhere. But I spotted this one in Tesco for just £5! The mini post its are just £1 each from there too which is great for reminders etc. 

It also has a little stick pad which you can use in a similar way to the post its, you can put these on particular days when you want to give yourself a prompt or reminder for something. I try and plan for the month and then I'm well ahead of myself when it comes to my blog, I list all the posts I need for the month and any extra ideas I might have too.

Weekly PlannerWeekly Planner

I also bought myself this organiser pad from Tesco for £5.50 - so cheap and so well made. They are so pretty too I love all the bright colours. This one says do what you love, which is exactly what I'm trying to do lately. I have been using this for my new course which I have started, and I am finally doing what I love. I use the small post its to show me where each page is and where each topic is too, definitely keeping me a lot more organised. 

Weekly Planner

What are your top tips to get organised?

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  1. OMG I need this planner! That is so cute and what a bargain! I need help with organisation, I kind of just think of an idea, write it out and post that day. I really need to get my planning sorted.

    corrie |

    1. I know how cute! I am exactly the same your not alone! xx

  2. Such a good idea getting the postit notes and strips to go with it! Love the pad as well, so cute!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I know so bright and colourful too! :) x


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