Sunday, 3 April 2016

How To Be A Bucket Filler

Today I wanted to share an idea that I got from my pastor at my church. Just so you know I won't be mentioning any names or giving anything away to much as this is personal to me and others. I will be sharing the idea with you all though, because I thought it was a really lovely one. I won't take any credit though, I have googled and apparently its a quite popular idea for children as well as adults. It seems to be an idea that school teachers have had and is all about encouraging one another, and filling each others buckets with compliments and love.

Being a bucket filler means to show love and care through your actions to others. The bucket represents someones emotional and mental self. When your bucket is empty you feel low, anxious and can get depressed. But when your bucket is full you feel confident, more secure and happy. It is quite a simple idea but I thought a really lovely one. 

It seems to be mostly for children, but I thought why not use it for ourselves too. When you hurt someone or make someone feel bad you are dipping into their bucket and making them feel useless. But when you do something nice for someone or compliment them you are filling their buckets and this is much more helpful. It is quite a simple concept, and I think if everyone followed this then the world would be a much more happier place. I'm not saying I'm going to change the world with one post, believe me I wish I could. I think if everyone shared this and used the idea themselves, if even one person shows kindness to another it could spread more happiness!

At our church my pastor suggested this to us during a meeting, we all had our own buckets and each member at the meeting had to give the other a compliment or encouraging word. I filled out mine straight away because I knew what I wanted to say to each of them. I wasn't sure what I would get and I was worried no body would have anything nice to say about me, but what I lovely surprise I got when I opened my bucket. I was immediately filled with tears when I read the lovely things people had said about me. These are all anonymous.

Even the smallest act of kindness could fill someones bucket. Make them feel good for the rest of the day, and even make them do something nice for someone else. How amazing would it be to spread some happiness around your area, here are some things you can do to spread a little happiness where you are.

  • Hold the door open for someone.
  • Smile at someone as you are passing, maybe even say hello or good morning/afternoon.
  • Ask someone how they are feeing, and listen to them.
  • Offer to help someone do something.
  • Offer to carry someones belongings or shopping.
  • Give someone a compliment.
  • Tell someone you like their work.
  • Clean up without being asked.
  • Buy some food for a homeless person.

There are so many ways you can fill someones bucket! Go out and fill someones today!
Are you a bucket filler?

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  1. This is such a lovely idea. The smallest action can make a huge impact one someone else's life. I try to even just smile at someone every now and again just to spread some happiness.

    <a href=">Lauren - bylaurenjane xxx</a>

    1. Definitely! You don't realise the impact sometimes, but it helps so much just being kind! x


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