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My Top Tips For New Bloggers

I have been blogging now for almost 4 years (in August) - I cannot believe it has been that long, it makes me feel quite old. I am 26 next month and I can't ever see myself giving this little beauty up any time soon. Over the years I guess I have gained some knowledge, and I have decided today I want to share that with you all.

The blogging community is growing all the time, and I always see new bloggers asking for tips and tricks etc. I would of love someone to tell me all of these things before I started. Even if I can help one person out that would be great. So here it goes!  

1. Anyone can start a blog - Absolutely anyone. Little old me at 22 years old sat down in a caravan in Anglesey on holiday with family, and just started to write. I honestly don't even know what popped into my head or why I started it. But I would not change it for the world, I absolutely love it. It was one of the best things I have ever done and I'm so proud of it. Don't think you need to be something or someone, just be you and write what you love.

2. Do it because you love it - Which leads me on to the next point. Write your blog because you love it. Not because you feel you should. When it starts to feel like a chore it can really get you down. If you don't feel the love and passion for writing then blogging probably isn't for you. I took a massive break, and came back to my blog even more in love with it than ever. I missed it far to much!

3. Don't compare your blog to others - We have all done this. I know I have for sure. Its hard not to with such a wide variety of people and blogging styles. No one is better than you just because they have more followers, or their layout is prettier. Your blog is an expression of you, and it is amazing. As long as you put the effort in and write what you love, then you rock! Everyone is completely different and unique and thats why the blogging community is so amazing. Just do you.

4. Promote yourself, your awesome - This is super important. Tweet, Instagram, Bloglovin, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and anything else you can thing of. Put yourself out there, be bold and promote and much as you want. For years I sat back watching everyone else tweet away and I had no idea what I was doing, or that anyone would want to read my rubbish. Honestly you are awesome, share your blog with the world. 

5. It doesn't have to go anywhere - Do not forget this one. Not all of us will end up with the likes of Zoella and Alfie. But its nice to dream right? Don't focus on your followers and likes. Just focus on enjoying your blog and writing. If you focus on that you will end up so deflated when it doesn't go the way you want. Don't get me wrong, its great to dream big and work hard for it. But when your blog starts to become a chore, because you feel you have to post. Thats when you fall out of love.

6. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, has has bloggers block - Everybody has suffered from this right? If you haven't then you must be amazing and I have no idea how you do it. Every now and again I have no idea what to post about and my mind goes completely blank. Then I can be somewhere like the gym or out driving and I get all these amazing ideas. Then when I get back to the computer, they have all gone. Brilliant. Keep a note pad with you or write it down on your phone, I have started doing this because I forget all the time. Inspiration is all around you, take a break, read other blogs and your mojo will come back.

7. Schedule Tweets etc - This all comes back to promotion. It is so important that you promote your blog, if you don't put it out there, how will people even know you exist? I work 3-4 days out of the week so sometimes I can't get to the computer. I start early and finish late so all I want to do when I get home is sleep. I have a busy life, so scheduling tweets is a must do for me. I currently use Hoot-Suite for iPhone. This app is great, I have my Facebook page and twitter account on there. So I can schedule tweets to come out all day whilst I'm working so I don't have to ever worry! Definitely worth doing if your busy like me.

8. Get yourself a Facebook Page - This isn't vitally important but its good to have your fingers in all the pies when it comes to blogging. Promotion isn't just on twitter, its all the social media accounts you can think of. Put yourself out there. Everyone and their dog uses Facebook nowadays so its a good way of getting yourself seen. You can promote your latest posts and giveaways, and all that jazz.

9. Be yourself - This is so important. Just being you and not trying to be someone else is something that makes your blog come across real and people will take notice. If your trying to be someone else or something you aren't, it will come across and people can see the fakes. Just write and do you. People will love you for it!

10. Write about what you love - Last but certainly not least is all about writing what you love. It is similar to what I wrote above. Write the posts that you want to write, not what you think others want you to write. Be yourself and write your blog for yourself, not to impress anyone else.

What have you learned from blogging?
Any tips you want to share?

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  1. Completely agree with all of these! Mainly the one about been yourself, you have to shine through!

    Parie x

  2. I've only been blogging regularly for a couple of months, so this is such a well timed post for me! Especially #4 - I have felt uncomfortable promoting myself, but I'm starting to realise how important this is. Thanks for sharing your advice :)

    Nina -

    1. Thats wonderful! Never feel bad about promoting yourself! We all have to do it! xx

  3. Hey i loved reading this, I have become a recent blogger this month and this was good advice to read so thankyou, Im alway up for tips to promote as I still getting to know twitter haha

    1. Glad it could help you sweetie! Welcome to the blogging world! Don't ever be afraid to promote yourself! xx

  4. I really needed to read this, esp number 5! thank you so much.

    Sophie |

  5. Love all of these! I needed to read these! Thank you for sharing!

    xx Lauren


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