Sunday, 27 March 2016

Monthly Blogger Love - March ♥

Okay so this post didn't go very well considering that my last one was in August. Seeing as I am really back to blogging now, I figured now would be a good time to get this monthly post back up and running. I have seen so many new blogs and they need a mention, some I really have no idea why they don't have the millions of followers that they deserve. Anyways, I figured I would show my love for them this month and show off the blogs that I have really been enjoying in the month of February.

First up is the lovely Steph from Hello, Steph. This has been a blog that I have gone back over and over again this month, to see if she has any new posts to read. She writes so well, and her content is spot on to what I'm loving reading this month. I am loving fitness/health/lifestyle related posts lately, and her blog is spot on. So if your looking for fitness inspiration then definitely go and give her a follow. She deserves so many more followers than she has! Follow Steph here.


Next up is the gorgeous Jemma from Dorkface. Again this is a blog that I constantly go back over to, to check for new posts. Her content is so useful and readable and her pictures are perfect. If you haven't read her blog then you are really missing out big time! I am also loving useful blogs this month, and this one is my ultimate inspiration for blogging. She makes me feel like my blog is great and something to be proud of! Hers definitely is thats for sure, I love it. Go give her a follow!

Carly Rowena

This lady does not even need an introduction. Carly Rowena. Goes without saying I absolutely love her! Fitness and healthy living is my thing right now, and this girl is such an inspiration. She writes about fitness mainly and health too, if your looking for some fitspiration then give this girl a follow on her blog and youtube too! Super beautiful and a figure to die for, plus the cutest little french bulldog Stephen!

The Curvaceous Vegan

Last but certainly not least is the lovely Amie from The Curvaceous Vegan. She is another blog I have been loving this month. She blogs about some really important topics, her writing is so good and  I find myself getting lost in her posts. It is so easy when the writing is good to read and really enjoy a post. Amie has this talent and honestly she is super down to earth. She blogs about a range of different topics, and she definitely deserves a follow!

Who have you been loving this month?
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  1. I'm always looking for blog recommendations, thanks for sharing the love. You know you really like a blog when you check back for new posts!

  2. I can't thank you enough for including me! I never know how people like my blog or if people enjoy my content. Thank you for saying such lovely things!! I was thinking the other day how it would be nice to make someone's blog favorites ( And with someone as amazing as Jemma too!) You're the best : )
    Steph x.


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