Friday, 11 March 2016

Essentials For My Gym Bag

As I've been at the gym so much lately, when I'm there I always take a bag and apart from the obvious water, sweat towel and gym lock there are so many other items I always have handy. Here are just some of the bits that I like to have in my gym bag, and why I feel like I need to have these.

When it comes to hunger, I am terrible for feeling super peckish and I am so tempted to reach for something easy like chocolate or crisps. So I like to have a healthy treat in my gym bag for when I'm out and about or when I first come out of the gym. Instead of eating bad stuff I usually have something full of protein like a shake or protein chia bar.

I love the Maxi Protein Milk which you can get from most supermarkets now. I picked up the protein bars and shake from Home Bargains, but you can get things like this from Holland & Barrett or plenty of other places. Its great to have a nice healthy treat to look forward to after your workout, so it means you reach for the bad stuff.

Deodorant. One of the most important things when heading to do a sweaty workout. I always have a body spray and or deodorant handy in my gym bag. Obviously you don't want to be that smelly person in the gym. To a certain point you can't help getting sweaty it happens to us all, but have a spray near by after your workouts is a great way to stop you from smelling too bad.

When you get sweaty your hair gets sweaty too right, dry shampoo is a must have for me in the gym. Before and after a workout I always like to spray this into my hair a little, to stop it from looking too greasy or sweaty. Obviously washing your hair is the best way, but dry shampoo is great for those in between days and when your going somewhere directly after the gym.

I also carry a moisturiser with me sometimes too, when I have to shower in the gym especially. But sometimes after my workout my skin can suffer. So if you aren't going directly home and your skin needs a little bit of a pick me up. Whether its your hands or your body, having a little moisturiser handy is a great idea. I usually have a small Soap & Glory, and this Cocoa Butter Spray is super easy to apply. Basically anything that is quick and easy to apply, you usually don't want to spend a really long time in the gym changing rooms.

Having a hairbrush has to be everyones essential for not only the gym but any girls handbag right? Well it definitely is in mine. This one is my favourite right now, its not a tangle teaser but its very similar. I got this from Home Bargains for £1.99, worth every penny. Keeping my hair in place is important for me whilst I'm at the gym, this one keeps my hair tangle free and I love it.

Pain killers? This might just be me. But sometimes when I have a stomach pain during that time of the month or when I get a headache, it can really put me off my workout. I always have some pain relief handy in my gym bag for when pain strikes and tries to knock me off my game. Not today period pain!

What are your gym essentials?
Will you be adding any of these?



  1. Great tips! Having healthy snacks available is such a good idea, I'm always tempted to reach for the chocolate or crisps! xx

  2. i always take a healthy snack otherwise i'll be so tempted to pop into the tesco next door and grab something unhealthy! think i may start taking pain killers too when necessary as i don't really want my time of the month to put me off the gym

    xo Sarah

  3. Great post! I definitely have to have post-workout snacks with me. I usually make a protein smoothie to take with me or just have a big spoonful of peanut butter : ) I would be lost without dry shampoo too! Your photos are lovely btw.
    Steph x.

    1. Thank you so much sweetie! :) I'm trying to get better at photography! :D x

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