Wednesday, 17 February 2016

5 Small Healthy Changes You Can Make Today

Seeing as I've been taking my fitness/health a lot more seriously lately. I decided to share with you all  my little tips and things I've been changing in my daily routine, to help me towards my goals. These are super easy to fit into a busy routine, I work full time have a 6 year old and a house to keep in order too. So when I say I know how busy you are, I really do. So here are 5 simple things you can put into your daily routine, and feel great about it.

1 - 30 Minutes of Exercise (or being active) a day - This might seem impossible. If I didn't get to the gym or ate something I shouldn't I would constantly beat myself up about it. This was getting me absolutely no where fast. So now I aim for a simple 30 minutes of being active a day, whether I can get to the gym or not, which lets face it this is getting nearly impossible. This can be a simple slow walk with my daughter, a nice bike ride if I have a day off. Or a quick 30 minutes of my Charlotte Crosby DVD in my living room. Sometimes I just do a small workout in the morning before work, a few sit-ups, squats and perhaps lunges. Anything to get my blood pumping and to give me the appetite for more. Going to the gym on my days off has got me eager to do more, I love the feeling after I have worked out. Seeing the change in your body is great too, my energy levels are through the roof!

2 - Getting in that H20 - This seems kind of obvious right? People are always telling us to have 8-10 glasses of water a day. I had a bit of water now and again but I was terrible for fizzy drinks and tea. I have now swapped these and aim for around 2-3 litres of water a day. This might seem impossible, but honestly I have found it so easy. I carry a 1 litre bottle around with me whilst working or out and about, I sip away all day and before I know it I've drank 2 litres. The benefits are great too! Its great for your skin and complexion, its good for metabolism and weight loss. It wakes up your internal organs to aid digestion. It can help ease headaches and dizziness, fights infections and flushes out toxins. The list is truly endless. This is so easy to fit into your routine, so go ahead and give it a try.

3 - Vitamins and Minerals - I know not everyone takes vitamins but its something I have been doing since I was small. My mum used to buy me vitamins as an aid to my diet, as I didn't eat a lot of fruit or veg back then. It's not as important now as I eat all my greens, but I still take them. I guess its kind of out of habit now. I take multivitamins, evening primrose oil, folic acid and skin hair and nail tablets. These all have different benefits, mainly for women. I take these because they help with my skin, hair, fatigue and digestion amongst other things. Have a look at your health and maybe ask an adviser which tablets would benefit you daily.

I also take a daily shot of this Forever Aloe Vera Gel, this is a more recent thing that I've added to my routine. I bought this mainly because I suffer with IBS symptoms now and again. This is supposed to be great for digestion again and helping ease some painful symptoms. I haven't been using it long so I'm not sure yet. We will see in the future, maybe a review coming soon?

4 - Fibre - Okay so this is another obvious one, especially for me when I struggle with my digestion and bowel sometimes (sorry to be grim). This is another little extra push for me, I take fybogel every morning and evening. One sachet with some water and it tastes lovely, I get the orange flavour. This is just an extra little push for me, you can also have other high fibre foods and such. Maybe a weetabix or all bran for breakfast or something. Fibre is so important in your diet, so make sure your getting enough one way or another.

5 - Make healthy choices - Another obvious one, but make sure the food you have in your house is what you want to eat. For example, if you have a house full of chocolate, crisps and such like (if your like me after christmas) then that is what you will eat right? But if you buy good foods like fish, vegetables, fruit and other healthy options then this is what you will most likely eat. So when you are shopping make healthier choices, swap that chocolate for a piece of dark chocolate maybe? Swap those cans of coke for some water, little changes like this can make the world of difference.

What do you need to change in your diet?
Have you made any healthier choices this year?

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