Friday, 12 February 2016

My Must Have Winter Make-Up Products

Like any other girl (hopefully) I like to change my make-up now and again, and try new foundations etc. So as its been a while since I updated the blog with my current make-up, I thought I would do that today and let you all know what I've been using.


So before I start I always use a primer, I have been using this one for as long as I can remember. The Nivea Express Hydration Primer has remained a firm favourite of mine, I have re bought it so many times and I think I will continue to do so. This provides me with the perfect smooth base to work with when I put on my foundation and concealers. 


When it comes to the foundation, I tend to only use a BB Cream. I don't need as much coverage during the day unless I'm going out somewhere nice. I tend to same my full foundations for special days or nights out. Lately I've been using the Garnier BB Creme + Blur. This is a great little cream as it has the coverage of a BB Cream with the blurring of pores too. 

As for concealers I usually use these two together. The Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and the Garnier Eye Roll On. The Rimmel one is great for blemishes and other bits I want to cover up, whereas the Garnier roll on is great for my under eye circles. These two together give me great coverage without being too much.

Face & Cheeks:

For powders and cheeks I use two products. I use Avon Smooth Minerals Powder and Avon Illuminating Pearls. With the Smooth Minerals Powder, I only use a small amount for this look as I want a lesser coverage day to day. With the Pearls I use a small amount of this on my cheek bones for a bit of a highlight. It gives a lovely glow with a bit of a blush too, I love it.

For the blush at the moment I'm using this Benefit Dandelion Blush, this gives just a small hint of pink in the cheeks which is perfect for me. I don't like too much blush, so this is a lovely light colour for me.


On my eyes I barely use make-up day to day. I don't really use any eyeshadow, but I do apply mascara. I'm currently using Soap & Glory's Thick and Fast. I love this mascara, my lashes are quite long anyway so I don't need too much. You can apply as much or as little as you need for lovely long lashes.


Okay so I am obsessed with my brows. I don't know why but I have to fill them in most days! I don't use much but just enough to give them shape. I used to use HD Brows Palette, but they became to expensive. So now I use the in expensive MUA Pro-Brow Eyebrow Kit, it is an all in one shape, shade and highlight. For just £3.50 its perfect for people just looking for a powder to fill in. I find it so easy to use and makes my brows perfect.

I also use Maybelline Brow Drama to go over my brows as a kind of finishing product, to smooth all the hairs into place. I get this is dark brown, its great. I can even just use this on its own if I'm not feeling the full brow routine that day.


For brushes I use Real Techniques Powder brush for you guessed it, the powders! I also use the Real Techniques Contour Brush for Concealers believe it or not. Then the Real techniques Buffing Brush for Foundations/BB Creams. The angled brush you see below is from Ebay and I use that for my brows. The smaller brush was with another set I bought and I use that for my blush and highlight/contour.

What are you currently using on your face?
Whats your beauty daily must have?



  1. I love the Dandelion blush! And RT brushes are the best, I always use them in my routine!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. Lovely post, I'm obsessed with brows too! The MUA kit looks perfect. I'm a huge fan of the Real Techniques brushes but I've never tried the powder brush before - I'll have to look out for it :) xx


    1. I love that everyone is brow obsessed now! xx

  3. I love using the Maybelline Brow Drama, I too use it by itself when I can't be bothered to go into my whole brow routine x

  4. I'm a huge fan of Dandelion it reminds me candies , Lovely post !


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