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2 Months To Go ♥ [Top Tips for Brides to Be]

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As you can tell from the name of this post - its pretty obvious what its about right? It is officially 2 months until my wedding day, I cannot believe how quickly it is going. I knew it would fly by, but it really has come out of nowhere if I'm honest. At the moment I'm a little bit like a duck, calm and collected on the surface but swimming like crazy underneath! You must know this feeling at some point in your lives right?

Anyway without rambling on too much, I wanted to mark this day with a post, as I love to look back over my blog posts and remember what happened on different days. Kind of like a little online diary for myself. So today I thought I would share some of my top tips for any of you that are either just getting engaged, or just interested in that type of thing. 
On the 27th October 2013 I got engaged to my lovely fiancĂ© Phil - we are getting married on 30.05.15  - you may have seen my pre wedding engagement shoot in a post a week or so back. If you didn't you can view that here. Over that last year and a bit we have been frantically planning and putting all the finishing touches together for the big day.

1 - Keep Calm your Engaged! - It's been a long road, but on the day I know it will all be worth it. Firstly you need to take a step back, there is no need to go mad into planning right away. That is unless you want to get married very quickly, then go ahead and get started. Otherwise I suggest having some time just you and your fiancĂ©, some time just with each other to enjoy the moment before all the hard work comes. It can be exciting, emotional and nerve wracking all at the same time. So for this reason I definitely recommend some time together just relaxing and really taking in what a big step you have just made with one another. Maybe go away together or take some time off from work if possible, you are going to spend the rest of your life with this person. So make it memorable and also a special day. 

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2 - Plan Together! - Okay so when it comes to the planning the most important thing is to sit down with your partner and decide on things together. Talk about it and plan with him/her - this is the most important thing. You are doing this together and you will need to include each other in everything from now on, so get used to sharing and plan all the important stuff together.

3 - Organisation! - Get yourself some kind of planning/wedding notebook or folder - I have a few of these. I bought a wedding one for the finer more important details, so that I can look back in the future. I also have a folder where all my different leaflets from wedding fairs and things - all in some kind of order so I can grab them whenever I need to. Some good wedding journals are from a brand KTwo - this is the wedding journal I own. You can purchase one here. Any kind of book will do, just somewhere you can doodle ideas down, write post it notes as reminders or anything else you may need to remember. Organisation is key.

Wedding Planning

4 - Budget Busting - Weddings are expensive - FACT! We set quite a low budget and even then we struggling trying to keep under that. You can do it on a budget, with plenty of saving and working hard it is do able, but try not to over do yourself. Don't get yourself stressed and worried trying to keep within budgets and money problems. 

You want it to be perfect without getting into debt at the start of married life. Save as much as you can, cut your spending and get in as much overtime as possible. Try not to work on loans and other things like that, this can get you into a big mess. We have been quite lucky in that family member's have helped us out an awful lot - my mum and mother in law have been amazing. They have both helped us out so much, so sometimes that can be a bonus.

One of the first things I bought was this amazing book called The DIY Wedding Manual - for just £2.99 from Amazon it has been such a useful book. It has all the things you need inside to thing about whilst wedding planning. From colour schemes to wedding music and even some beauty tips for the big day! I fully recommend this book (in no way sponsored to say that) I will be passing it on once I'm a Mrs. It has plenty of Budget Busting ideas to help you out, and its given me so many ideas. 

5 - And finally, ENJOY IT! - This is my most important tip of all, you need to keep calm and enjoy being a bride to be. It can make you feel so special and I absolutely love the feeling of being someones one and only. I cannot wait to be a wife and spend my life with Phil, so I definitely recommend you have some time together and remember why you are getting married in the first place.

I hope these tips helped you, if you need anymore advice from me then please feel free to contact me! I would love to help in any way I can.

Thanks for reading!

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* Disclaimer - This post is in no way sponsored or paid - all opinions and recommendations are my own.



  1. Hey sweets! not a lot persons know it yet (didn't post on fb or didn't did the announce yet..) me and my love are getting married next year (10y together so ABOUT TIME). First of all.. congrats with your engagement.. i'm so SUPER EXCITED, but don't know how to start, really.. how many people. I'm just a young( poor girl.. just bought a house :o). SO if you want to help me... I WILL BE SO GREATFULL! x greets xxx <3 Leila (

    1. Of course - what do you want to know? F xx

  2. Lovely post! Congratulations and what a BEAUTIFUL ring!!! I got engaged Nov 2014 and the thought of planning and organising a wedding is such a scary thing - there is just so much to do! However, your post has made it seem less scary, super useful, thank you :-)

    Hope you have a fabulous day xxx

    1. Thanks hun! I'm glad you found it useful! Good luck with planning! xx


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