Thursday, 16 October 2014

What I love about Autumn/Fall [Tag] ♥

So I've decided to do the autumn tag this month, mainly because this is one of my favourite seasons. Also because I wanted to share with you lot what I love about this season,  and also I can tag some fellow bloggers to join in! You can feel free to join in too and comment below what you love about Autumn, or if you have done the tag too below.
Favourite thing about it? My favourite thing about Autumn has to be cosy hats, scarves and finally getting the woolly jumpers out. I love feeling cosy and the cold weather just makes me happy, I love being cosy by the fire and snuggling up with the fiance. You also can't deny you love crunching all those lovely leaves under your feet, no matter how old you are.
Favourite drink? My all time favourite drink for the colder months has to be Hot Chocolate.
Favourite candle? I love candles at any time of year, but I do tend to sway towards the more christmas scents. I love any thing that smells like fresh christmas trees.
Best Lipstick? I love the darker berry colours, I think these look so classy day or night.
Go to moisturiser? In the wintery months my skin needs a little extra moisture, I tend to go for Nivea or Aveeno. Both are great for extra dry skin, and keep me well moisturised.
Go to colours for the eyes? I love the gold/bronze colours on the eyes this time of year, they are so pretty. I'm all about the winged liner too. 
Favourite band or singer? I love loads of different music, but at the moment I'm loving Rend Collective.
Favourite outfit to wear? I'm definitely reaching for the cosy jumpers, skinny jeans, hats and scarves right now. 
Autumn treat? When it comes to autumn I love all the bonfire treats, parkin and bonfire lollies are the best.
Favourite place to be? My favourite place to be is cuddled up by the fire with my fiance, or on a lovely autumn walk with lots of crunchy leaves to run in!
Cat from Callie Rose
Nafisah from Bamblings of Naffy
Becky from Becky Bedbug
Jessica from The Pyreflies
Emma from The Fashion Six
Rachel from Times2Style
and anyone else who would like to join in?
Have you done this tag? 
What's your favourite thing about Autumn?




  1. Perfect picks! Berry lips and hot chocolate HAS to be the best, hope you've been well my lovely xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. Thank you so much for tagging me! I love hot chocolate too... And with some mini marshmallows... Yummm!


  3. Thanks for the tag!
    I definitely still love crunching leaves and a big fan of the darker evenings too x

  4. Love the gold/bronze shadow with eyeliner at this time of year :) especially with a berry lip! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  5. I did a post similar to this about 5 things I love about Autumn x


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