Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Wedding Inspiration [Bridal Hair & Make-up] ♥

So I have gone Wedding crazy lately and I am actually really enjoying watching it all come together finally. We have all the most important stuff out of the way as far as church, venue, photographer and cars go. So it has left my mind wandering onto other things such as hair and make-up, cause that's important too right? 

I have been looking over different hair and make-up ideas for the big day and I really want to book a trial soon at my local favourite beauty salon. Until then Pinterest has been used non stop to give myself ideas for our special day. I am currently growing my hair as I know I would like an up-do of some kind but as for make-up I am not 100% what I want just yet.

I just thought I'd show some pictures of hair and make-up for weddings in this post to maybe give you some inspiration for weddings or other events. I also hope you could help me to make a decision on which one perhaps, who knows?

Wedding Hair

So as you can see from these gorgeous styles that I want an up-do similar to these. I love the idea of flowers in my hair or a lovely floral hair clip instead. I love all of these and I will definitely have something similar if not exactly the same as one of these. I love how they look messy but elegant too and I will definitely share with you what I have for my trial when I have it done.

Wedding Make-up

As for the make-up I know that I would like something quite natural but also maybe with some winged liner or eye shadows. I will definitely be going for some kind of natural shade of eye shadow but above are some of the different ideas I have had in my head. I will be doing another post based on make-up where I have done the make-up myself, but for now these are the kind of ideas I have.

What do you think?
What do you think would be best?



  1. I just love wedding updos they are goooooorgeous, and I never know what make up I would go for it's such a hard decision! xxxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. I know I'm so fussy! Need to have some trials soon! xxx

  2. these updos are stunning!

    x Rose


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